Minimize Air, Water and Toxic Pollutants

Each year our solar system helps avoid hundreds of tons of pollutants.

With our focus on reduced energy and water consumption we have reduced the green house gas (GHG) content of our products by nearly 80% since 2000.
  • On Site Solar Array

    Our on site 869 kW rooftop solar panels produce one third of our power needs and reduces our carbon footprint by removing over 600 metric tons of CO².

  • Advanced Cooling

    Our advanced closed loop cooling system for molding machine water uses significantly less energy and prevents chemicals from going down the drain and entering the nearby San Francisco Bay coastal wetlands.

  • VOC's Eliminated

    Centrifuge tube graphics are printed with UV cured inks instead of solvents which significantly reduces the emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Heavy Metals Removed from Packaging

    Pipet tip refill packaging is printed with vegetable based inks to reduce toxins in the recycling stream

  • Electron Beam Sterilization

    500 meters away at our 3200 Lakeville property our Ebeam (Beta) radiation sterilizer processes our products using less overall energy than Cobalt (Gamma) sterilization and requires no radiactive materials.

  • Reduced Transporation Emissions

    Lightweight, efficiently packed products reduce the energy, emissions and environmental impact from transportation as over 90% of Labcon products are molded, assembled and packaged on site, significantly reducing transportation energy and emissions.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging

    Connected to our solar array we have four dedicated electric vehicle charging spaces. They encourage the use of zero emission electric vehicle use at our main facility.

Emissions Reduction

Reduction in Water Use

The introduction of a closed-loop water system in manufacturing has resulted in a 71% reduction in water consumption since the year 2000.

Renewable Energy Use

Total renewable energy including solar, wind, geothermal, biogas and small hydro-electric makes up 54% of Labcon's energy profile (on-site solar plus purchased electricity). Our goal is to operate with 70% renewable energy by 2020.

Reduction in Green House Gases

Since the year 2000 we have reduced the green house gas content of our products per case by 83%.

Emissions Eliminated



Tons of CO² Emissions Avoided

Each year our on site solar energy production eliminates 628 metric tons of greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide.



Kilograms of Sulfur Oxides Eliminated

We prevent 27 kilograms of reactive sulfur oxides from reaching the atmosphere each year.



Kilograms of NOx Emissions Avoided

Over 158 kilograms of smog forming Nitrogen oxides are avoided each year from use of our solar arrary to produce power.



Related Impact

Our production of our own energy is equivalent to removing 118 automobiles from the road or not driving over 2.19 million kilometers, based on U.S. EPA power equivalency calculations.

View a short video about the steps we have taken to reduce our energy use.

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