Product Design

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reimagine. The Closed Loop Design Process.

Product Design

What does it take to be green in a world of plastic? Labcon is committed to developing innovative products that provide the high quality performance you need with the additional benefit of reducing our consumption of the world’s limited resources. We design every product with their full life cycle in mind and incorporate concepts of “eco-efficiency,” using minimalist packaging, recycled plastics, recyclable materials, and reusable products. Every product that goes through the development process is evaluated for environmental impact and sustainable end of life solutions.

The Earth Friendly® Promise
Earth Friendly

The Earth Friendly® symbol is proudly displayed on our product packaging and literature, but Earth Friendly® is more than just a slogan, it is a promise to the planet. To keep that promise, Labcon has implimented sustainable goals and practices that address the environmental impact of product packaging, waste, and life cycles. Labcon designs and manufactures reusable, refillable, and recyclable products that use less plastic, incorporates more recycled and recyclable materials, revolutionary bioplastics, and minimal packaging. Labcon’s manufacturing plant uses renewable energy and efficient, waste-free machines to manufacture every product.

Sustainable from the Start

Eco Friendly Materials

For maximum recyclability, Labcon uses materials like 100% polypropylene, polyethylene and paperboard packaging instead of “co-molded” plastic blends and polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) which are difficult to recycle. All products and packaging are marked with their resin identification code. Labcon also has an internal recycling program results in zero plastic waste. Scrap from tip and tube production is reprocessed to make molded racks and packaging.

Reusable, Refillable, and Repurposable

Labcon pioneered reusable and refillable products like the Pagoda® refill system, the Eclipse® refill system, silicone PCR mats, and plastic pipet tip and centrifuge tube racks. Reusable and refillable products are the most sustainable end of life solution for a plastic product, as no additional resources or energy are required.

Pioneering Advanced Bioplastics

Our revolutionary bioplastic products have evolved to use a new 100% plant based material that is recyclable as #2 HDPE, the same plastic used for milk cartons. Labcon’s revolutionary bioplastics are actually pulling carbon out of the air. Most common plastics emit about two times their own weight in CO² during the manufacturing process, but Labcon’s bioplastics do the opposite. They sequester two times their own weight as the initial plants absorb CO².

Minimalism in Design and Packaging

Labcon leads the industry in reducing packaging, developing lightweight products, and increasing renewable materials. Labcon’s pipet tip refill systems use 10-30% less packaging than other popular refills. Labcon’s TSS™ Tip Server System offers 97% less packaging than pre-racked tips for robotic pipetting workstations. Labcon’s IntegraPack® uses 25% less packaging compared to competiting centrifuge tubes.

Sustainable Product Design

Labcon leads our industry in sustainable solutions. Our IntegraPack® centrifuge tube packaging is 25% smaller than competing products while delivering the same number of centrifuge tubes. Our Patented Eclipse™ pipet tip refill packaging delivers the maximum amount of pipet tips using the least amount of packaging than any other major suppler. Eclipse is over 60% usable product. Most other systems have significantly more unusable packaging. Labcon’s TSS™ Tip Server System uses 97% less packaging than pre-racked tips for robotic pipetting workstations.

Smaller Footprint & Less Weight25%
IntegraPACK® Packaging
Greater % Usable Product61%
Eclipse® Refill System
Leading Solution for Robotics % less waste97%
Labcon TSS Tip Servers

Making an
Earth Friendly Company

Watch a short video about the steps Labcon has taken on our journey to become a more sustainable company.

Sustainable is more than recycling.

Sustainability at Labcon

Acting sustainably is far beyond a commitment to recycle. True performance in achieving a more sustainable future is in engaging others and incorporating sustainablity into your complete culture. This is a journey.

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