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Eclipse® UNOTM Pipet Refill System
Bringing GREEN directly to the lab bench
  The Earth Friendly® Company
 • Multi-Brand Compatible
Refill your Labcon racks as well as other brands of pipet tip racks
• Pipet tips are certified free of:
RNase/DNase, ATP, endotoxin/pyrogens (<0.05EU/mL),
cytotoxic effects, trace heavy metals (<1ppm), protease, and
human DNA. Suitable for DNA manipulation, PCR, and radionuclides.
• Sterile pipet tips are validated ISO 11137 for research, clinical and diagnostic use Certified sterile with a 10-6 sterility assurance level (SAL).
• Simple To Use
Lift, place, and snap your refill tips directly into your empty racks
• Quality certification and ACT scores available
Certificates outlining functional and biological testing are available for each lot number. Specific products include an ACT environmental impact score.
• Low Carbon Footprint
Made from recycable and renewable materials, including compostable bio-plastic › SuperClear®
Labcon North America | 3700 Lakeville Highway, STE 200 | Petaluma, CA 94954-5671, U.S.A.

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